The History of a Coach Builder – Looking Back at the Past Years

During the period of automation, handmade still had a significant place. One such ideal creation is the coach building. Living in the mass production age, the art of coach builder agencies are still very much active. There is no doubt that the craft of coach building has formed the most sought-after choice for individuals who fall for quality and detailed work.

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Coach builders are usually referred to as the bodies of an automobile for both the initiated as well as the uninitiated. Considering this huge fame, coach builders have recently become a part of a luxury car. Even though, the craft of coach building dates back to the late 1920s.

Time to Visit the Past

The method of coach building is very labor-intensive. Because of which in the past years, there was hardly any theory of series making. It is easy to understand that the method of manufacturing a new vehicle was complicated. The method of coach building earlier included crafting the following parts:

  • Floor pan
  • Body
  • Exterior panels
  • Firewalls
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Briefly, a coach builder damaged the whole skeleton of a car over the chassis. After completion of this, the skeleton used to get covered with the metal panels to give the finishing touch.

Techniques of Work and Reason behind the Wooden Skeleton

At the initial stage, the automotive agencies chiefly focused on the chassis and power train. The workflow of the coach builders included:

  • The manufacturers would get the chassis to design and build everything from scratch.
  • This usually covers the making of body, fenders, interiors and cabin.
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The amazing fact was that earlier the coach builders used to work with the consumers directly. Knowing their requisites and needs, they come out with bespoke designs with different features. After getting acceptance from their consumers, the manufacturers used to give in their best attempts to create life-sized pictures which depict the side and top views of the car body.

The other thing which the manufacturers used to consider in the past years was rendering of color and drawings to their consumers for better comprehension. These drawings were needed for the creation of a life-sized body form named as a maquette. A maquette was formed of wire frames for conveying visual help to the coach builders. Earlier the agencies select wood to blanket the structure for the given reasons:

  • Dispersed vibrations
  • Proper absorption
  • Less prone to aquatic damage
  • Higher speed
  • Does not get destroyed along grain lines
  • Withstand various climatic conditions
  • However, with the speed of time, the wooden skeletons faded away and were replaced with the unique body designs.

The Present Scenario

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Even in the 21st century, the coach builders are still on the top. However, manufacturing is less as these are still created manually. This is the reason why the luxury car is moving towards this vigorous making system. For those who want to choose a coach builder, one should understand its usefulness and worth. A little study will assist them to select the best bet.