High Tech Armored Vehicle Manufacturing Plant In Ontario, Canada

An organization that started not long than 20 years ago to supply money transfer services to the bank safe from company premises has started a new facility, complete with Canada’s one and only high tech armored vehicle showroom, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This company now employs more than 300 people at its new facility, which combines the latest hi-tech manufacturing plant, the plant, and the showroom. Despite majority of the clientele being from overseas countries, the relevance of the showroom cannot be overlooked. The high tech armoured car manufacturing plant was designed with the best state of the art equipment and features to showcase the cars to overseas guests.

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Hi Tech Armoured Car

They do not build the armored car from scratch, but modifies ready made vehicles like BMW, Cadillac, GMC, Range Rovers, Mercedes, Toyota and many other popular car manufacturers. They take the original vehicle down to small pieces before reinforcing it with security standard materials like total body armouring plates, underbody plating to withstand grenade attacks, and armored tires that keep on functioning for a long period when punctured. Additionally, it strengthens the cars overall suspension and stability, moreover they also install bullet proof glass for protection against machine gun attacks. A makeover of the armored car can take from few weeks to few months, determined by the client’s specifications. Their customers include ,corporations, movie stars, famous personalities, law enforcement groups, and wealthy VIP high-profile individuals from all over the world.

People seeking a luxurious armoured cars can buy one at their showroom located in the local Toronto showroom. The mandmade, fully plated armored vehicle beast is ultimate luxury protected car in this market niche with a huge 6000 kg vehicle that can withstand any types of attacks such as grenade and missiles. The price begins at US$600,000 and can be made at a client’s bespoke requests. Also from the company sources, there are entertainment and refrigerator units, plus a handgun inside the cars safe to ensure emergency protection.

For circumstances where security is very is mandatory like military missions and dangerous SWAT missions, the infamous armored SUV and truck is the ultimate choice for many police forces, law enforcement, and military agencies. Winnipeg Police Service purchased some of the best armored vehicles for $300,000 from them. It’ll be used in situations such as hostage crisis situations, bomb threats, and many other high risk situations. A public version of the Gurkha is additionally available at their showroom.

The armoured vehicle manufacturing industry in Canada is reported to be worth around $200 Million every year, most of the vehicles being exported to nations like the Middle East, African Nations and China. One of the best line of armored vehicle was captured from a warehouse belonging to the son of the ousted president of Ukraine in 2014. Creation amounts are not high, with maybe a few hundred vehicles coming off the line each month. To Know more Click Here!